Measuring Madness!

We had a great time in maths today!

We used 1m rulers, 30cm rulers, 15cm rulers and 1m pieces of string to measure all sorts of things in the playground.

We even worked together to find out how long all the lines on a netball pitch are!

Hope you enjoy your measuring homework.


Rotten Romans – Hillier Gardens

We have had an absolutely fabulous day at Hillier Gardens.  Real archeologist, Gemma Ingason, taught us how to carefully uncover and classify artefacts from the past.  We made so many interesting Roman finds including pieces of pottery, money and even an ear wax scooper!

We became part of a marching Roman army, cooked honey apples on an open fire, made some marvellous mosaics, used flint and steel to create our own sparks and created our own play equipment Roman style!!

A truly brilliant day!

Once again, I have taken so many photos that they won’t fit on the blog! Follow the link to see them!


I was a rat!

This term, we have been looking carefully at the story ‘I was a rat!’ by Phillip Pullman. We have made predictions, have shared our preferences and puzzles and have used inference to learn all about the characters!

We finished by using paper folding to create our very own little paper rats! Aren’t they cute!

Christmas Fair

Here is a sneak preview of what we have made for the Christmas Fair!

Please come and find us in the Year 3 classroom to buy your children’s masterpieces.

They have made Christmas Trees and a decoration for the tree from clay.

Make sure you bring a bag.

See you later!

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Amazing Aliens!

We have almost finished our Alien Lanterns!

Staff and pupils from  Mountbatten school came well prepared to help us start our Alien Lanterns. They showed us how to attach the willow twigs – we had to wear safety goggles! Then we covered the structure in clingfilm, it was tricky.

The following week we got really sticky when we covered the whole alien in gluey tissue paper.

The lantern parade is NEXT FRIDAY – 8th December. A letter will come out with organisation.

Just to warn you – the children have made 1 alien between 2, so only half the class will get to bring one home.

What a stink!!

Year 3 had the really messy job of dissecting a Stone Age poo!! The children made some interesting finds – in the poo there were: fish bones, seeds, apple pips, fur, egg shells and even some thread worm!

This disgusting activity led to some very interesting discussion about what Stone Age man must have eaten.