Thank-you from Mrs Bennett!

Dear Parents and Children,

I would just like to say what a wonderful year this has been working with Year 3. I am excited to be seeing them again for PE next year.

Can I say a very sincere thank-you for all of the wonderful cards and gifts. You are very generous and I was very touched.

Have an amazing summer everyone and see you next year.

Mrs Bennett


NO spelling test this week!!

I am sure you will not be sad to hear that we think you deserve a week off spelling tests!

We will test the words next week.

Have a lovely quiet evening…. are you asleep already?

Please bring your homework books to school tomorrow even if you haven’t done it all.


Everyone is in a Ringo!

What an amazing day we have had!

We have all kayaked on the pool, Yes, EVERYONE! We all enjoyed it.

Some of us have been archers and the others have completed the low ropes course, also known as the initiative course.

Dinner was sausages and chips, or pasta and tomato sauce. Most children had seconds and thirds! Followed by fruit then donuts.

We have all drunk gallons of water /squash and reapplied sun cream.

Ringos now for an hour followed by a walk along the beach.

Some children even chose to have a shower after kayaking…. not all!

Everyone is excited and happy. In an hour they will be shattered and ready for bed, we hope!

Have a lovely quiet evening.πŸ€—



Calshot tomorrow!

Hi Year Three,

Please remind your parents that we will post on the blog (when we have time) while you are at Calshot.

We will be very busy having fun.

Please remember sun hats and sun cream.

See you tomorrow πŸ˜€

Tennis Coaching

Today we had a fabulous session with a Tennis coach from Absolutetennis.

It was great!

We started off throwing over the net, playing a game. Then moved on to hitting gently for a partner to catch. At the end we had a rally – some of us managed 5 hits in a row!

A flyer was sent home if you are interested in more tennis lessons.