Rotten Romans – Hillier Gardens

We have had an absolutely fabulous day at Hillier Gardens.  Real archeologist, Gemma Ingason, taught us how to carefully uncover and classify artefacts from the past.  We made so many interesting Roman finds including pieces of pottery, money and even an ear wax scooper!

We became part of a marching Roman army, cooked honey apples on an open fire, made some marvellous mosaics, used flint and steel to create our own sparks and created our own play equipment Roman style!!

A truly brilliant day!

Once again, I have taken so many photos that they won’t fit on the blog! Follow the link to see them!



4 thoughts on “Rotten Romans – Hillier Gardens

  1. Wow what an amazing day you had investigating Year 3! Certainly not a Rotten Roman time for you all. What types of artefacts did you find? And did you all enjoy the Apple and honey?
    Thank you to all your amazing teachers for such a fantastic day 😀
    Mrs Hillier

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Mrs Hillier! The children loved the apples and honey – delicious! You must pop into class so that the children can tell you about the huge range of artefacts that we were lucky enough to find!

      We are such lucky teachers to work with such amazing, talented little historians 🙂

      Mrs Somers


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